Paul McCartney tells stories to 100,000 people in Indio, California

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October 15, 2016- by Steven Greer

In the second day of The Desert Trip (note the awesome full moon), Paul McCartney told numerous fascinating stories about the early days of Rock and Roll. (Coincidentally, I am working on a similar documentary. Stay tuned).

At the 3:40 mark of the video, he tells an anecdote about Jimi Hendrix

5:20- Asks where the crowd came from

6:16- explains why he wrote a song

7:14- explains how he wrote a song after John Lennon’s death

9:00- Rihanna appears

10:50- mentions how the lineup of bands is great

13:00- mentions George Harrison

14:40- tells a story about visiting the USSR after he played “Back in the USSR”

20:30- Thanks the crowd

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