Rules to Stop Radicals

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February 17, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD


Saul Alinsky’s playbook for liberals called “Rules for Radicals”, published in 1971 during a time when radicals were engaging in real terrorism, including planting explosives that killed people, became the bible for the left. Today, the “resistance” StopTrump anarchists are still using it.

Rules for Radicals is an offensive strategy for promoting radical agendas and overthrowing establishment governments. In contrast, our “Rules to Stop Radicals” is more like a football defensive coach’s playbook. We have no desire to force our agenda upon anybody. We simply aim to curtail the cancer of fascism and protect free democracy.

Fascism thrives when it is not challenged. Like the Wizard of Oz, the perceived powers of fascists become exaggerated when people cower in fear.

However, most fascists are really nothing but rejects of society with little power, money, or intelligence. They are weak and stupid. It is easy to stop them.

The rapid demise of Harvey Weinstein, and the legions of other men in Hollywood who use fear of the blacklist to control passive actors, is a good example of how quickly a fascist regime can be toppled. It took just one journalist, Ronan Farrow, willing to speak up.

Rule 1: Follow the Money

Radical fascists always appear in the form of “grass roots” young, ideologically motivated, college kids, or civil rights activists, or women’s rights activists, etc. In reality, these Social Justice Warriors are nothing but pawns who enjoy the feeling of power found in joining a scary group. The puppet masters doing the real organizing for these wimps are well-funded extensions of the Democrat party, or some liberal plutocrat like George Soros (The same is true for the NRA and gun activists on the right. Radicals are all the same.).

Whenever there is a boycott of advertisers on Brietbart News or Fox News, for examples, there is some bigger organization pulling the strings. Whenever there is a coordinated media campaign to push a fascist agenda, some bigger group is behind it.

One needs to find the sources of money for these fake grass roots (AKA AstroTurf) efforts to stop them. That is Step #1. Otherwise, one is fighting a decoy for an enemy.

Rule 2: Cut Off the Money

Once the sources of money to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Pink Pussy Hats, or Border Security Outragers is identified, it can be cut off. Shining sunlight on the sources of money disinfects quickly.

When the sources of funding for a large non-profit (e.g. Planned Parenthood,, or are identified, they can possibly be choked off. If any sort of shady transactions occur in an attempt to conceal the money sources, then State attorneys general and federal attorneys can swiftly act to shut them down, if the people demand it (although most oversight officials, such as AG’s, are themselves part of the problem).

Public boycotts of any company providing funds to radical non-profits can be effective as well. Let the consumer decide by exposing the donations to the public.

If a billionaire is behind an effort, then determine how that billionaire makes his money. If his wealth is derived from Wall Street, then he likely has pressure points that regulators can push. If the person is the owner of, then the competition to Amazon, such as Walmart, can be of help. The FTC might intervene as well to break up a monopoly.

Rule 3: Make an Example Out of Individual Fascists and Anarchists

When an “artist” posts a picture in a window gallery of President Trump being beheaded, for example, then that person should be arrested. When a rioter becomes violent, punish them with prison. If judges go soft, then get the judges impeached.

If a federal employee of the Deep State leaks classified information to the fascist press, then prosecute them.

Individuals engaging in violent fascism can be isolated and shunned. Employers should be made aware of the activities of the radicals.

Rule 4: Go After Radical Propagandists in the Media

The only real weapon that the fascists have is control over the media and entertainment industries. As the readership of papers and viewers on TV news wane, their power fades.

When a “news” outlet is clearly producing propaganda, expose their methods. Explain the bias at the top of the organization (e.g. David Rhodes, President of CBS News being the brother of top Obama aid Ben Rhodes). Bust crooked reporters for lying or making up “sources”, etc.

More importantly, all of the propaganda outlets survive only because they are part of larger corporation, such as Amazon, Comcast, or Disney. News operations alone are a money losers. Go after the parent companies subsidizing the propaganda outlets or force them to divest ABC News from Disney, for example.

Rule 5: Go After Intellectual Leaders of the Radicals

Our universities are cesspools of radical teachers. If a university has lopsided fascist policies intolerant of conservative speakers while allowing anyone from the left to say anything, then cut off federal funding. Private universities, such as Harvard, have 30% or so of their budget provided by federal grants.

Rule 6: Drain the Swamp

Federal and State employees are almost 100% liberal democrats. The top five layers of management in every federal agency should be purged.

Rule 7: Do Not Ever Abuse Power

In the course of enacting these rules to stop radicals, the fascist-fighting-freedom-lovers should take great efforts to not be seen as abusing power themselves by attacking dissenters.

Only the obviously corrupt fascists should be targets. Otherwise, the fascist-fighters become the fascists.


Fascism is a term first applied to the regimes in Italy and Germany after WW1 that led to WW2. There are numerous definitions, but the “forcible suppression of opposition” is the component of fascism that we see flaring up now. Entertainers are being asked to speak out against President Trump or else be blacklisted. People wearing red Make America Great Again hats are being assaulted in restaurants. Republican congressmen are being attacked in their homes and shot on softball fields. Hundreds of conservative country music fans were gunned down in Las Vegas by a liberal zealot.

If this intolerance is not met with an opposing force and snuffed out, there is a real risk that terrorist acts, like those committed by the Weather Underground Organization in the 1970’s, will increase in frequency. While the radicals will have little chance of overthrowing the government, they can succeed in chilling sane Americans for exercising freedom of speech or petition. That would be a violation of our constitutional rights.

People in coastal cities should not fear speaking proudly about our National Anthem or current president. The dysfunctional Democrat party that bungled the 2016 elections should not be given any respect out of fear. Their armies of the weak and stupid can easily be driven back into their dormitories and spare bedrooms where they live if we have a strong president, an attorney general willing to do his/her job, and new leaders of the intelligence community and DOJ.

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4 Responses to Rules to Stop Radicals

  1. Dr B says:

    Excellent. Truly excellent.

    Everyone who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law is a foot soldier in this war for maintaining democracy and free thinking (and speech).

    Again, excellent….I would love to know what sort of feedback you get on it.

    Dr. B

  2. reba catron says:

    I think there is grooming of ignorance on both sides of the aisle. Cetainly the GOP owes its recent successes to the exploitation of the low income white populations of Appalachia, the deep South , and the midwest by not only its politicians, but also by FoxNews, Bretbart and other right wing propaganda machines.

    However, I think the gullibility is far greater on the right. Has there ever been any one on the left who entered a food establishment armed to the nines, shooting at employees, because he was told by one of his trusted “news” sites that the presidential candidate of the other party was operating a child porn ring in the basement? He was not the only one who fell for the lies. The restaruant received thousands of threats and letters from other right wing believers. Don’t believe me. Look up Edgar Welch and Comet Ping Pong Pizza parlor.

  3. Editor says:

    Actually, the gun violence is far worse by the left fascists. The man who shot at GOP congressmen practicing softball was a Democrat. The Las Vegas shooter who mowed down hundreds of conservative music-goers was a radical left Trump hater. Every cop murdered recently since Black Lives Matters has been murdered by a leftie.

    In the 1970’s, actual terrorist bombs went off frequently. Those were lefties.

    100-years ago, people here wanting the Bolshevik revolution to spread here bombed Wall Street.

    Every Muslim terrorist attack is committed by groups protected by Obama.

  4. reba catron says:

    I was only addressing the gullibility issue.

    If you want examples of killings by those on the right, I located 36 cases.
    The ones with the most victims – in no particular order follow:

    1) Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado in 2015 9 wounded/3 dead.
    2)Shooting at showing of Trainwreck in Louisiana in 2015 9 wounded/2dead
    3)Dylan Roof shooting people at a black church in Charleston in 2015 1 wounded/ 9 dead
    4)Overland Park Jewish center in Kansas 0 wounded/3 dead
    5) Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting in 2012 4 wounded/6 dead
    6) Shooting at Holocaust museum in 2009 by wihte suprecists 0 wounded / 1 dead

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