ABC’s This Week discusses the Connecticut school massacre

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Excerpts from the video transcript:

Joe Klein of Time Magazine said, “I think there is a bright line on gun control, as well but there’s a third piece and that is the celebration of violence. We not only have a second amendment in the country, we also have a first amendment that protects, you know, sylvester stallone’s right to fire thousands of bullets in any given movie, but I think that, you know, that what we need to do in this society is treat people who create violent movies and violent video games with the same degree of respect that we accord pornographers. They need to be shunned.”

Congresswoman Donna Edwards said, “we do have a culture that celebrates violence, but it doesn’t take away our responsibility, and I want to urge and challenge my colleagues to work with me to work with us on this so no parent has to experience what these parents and families do in newtown. The bright life between those who are hunters and shooters and outdoors people, but they don’t need an assault rifle. They don’t need high-capacity magazines that create havoc and viciousness and death and we can do that. “

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