Steven E. Greer, MD is a practicing surgeon changing how hospitals care for the elderly as well as promoting wellness and prevention. After surgery training, he became a Wall Street analyst and portfolio manager 20-years ago. As a derivative of those efforts, he created The Healthcare Channel and partnered with mainstream media companies.

With those media capabilities established, he created BatteryPark.TV in 2009, which was rebranded as The Greer Journal in 2020. Greer saw an urgent unmet need for local news coverage of Lower Manhattan politics, community affairs, and entertainment.

Over its first decade in existence, BatteryPark.TV became one of the most viewed news sites for original news on Lower Manhattan. When the content morphed into national policy coverage and essays by Steven Greer, the name was changed to The Greer Journal in January of 2020 to begin the new decade.

Greer has long been an outspoken critic of the fee-for-service American healthcare system and political corruption in general. His reporting has led to dozens of actions being taken in Lower Manhattan to oust crooks. Greer’s book The Medical Advocate details the reasons our healthcare system is in trouble.

Greer has been a frequent contributor to many cable TV shows, such as Reuters, NPR, WSJ, Fox, and CNBC. He has written several Op-Eds for the Wall Street Journal that led to changes within The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

In 2019, Greer assembled his essays, originally posted on this site, into a book called Rules to Stop Radicals. It was an effort to memorialize in print the essays that were being used without credit by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and other outlets.

President Trump quoted Dr. Greer during his first Oval Office address to the nation when he pointed out that opioid overdose deaths each year eclipse the total number of Americans killed in the entire Vietnam War. Greer also believes that several of his suggestions to the White House press office have been adopted. For example, there are now no longer those daily embarrassing kabuki theater press briefings. President Trump now speaks for himself frequently as he walks to the Marine One helicopter, etc.

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