Steven E. Greer, MD trained in general and plastic surgery at New York University. He received his finance undergrad degree and then medical degree from The Ohio State University.

After surgery residency and several years performing clinical trials related to wound healing, he switched careers into Wall Street as a biotech and medical device analyst at Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette. After that, he became a partner at Steven A. Cohen’s Sigma Capital before managing $250 Million for Merrill Lynch’s Strategic Investment Group.

With those experiences, media opportunities arose. Dr. Greer appeared many times on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, etc. He was also a freelance writer for The Wall Street Journal. He then created The Healthcare Channel in 2006, which was the first Internet-based business video channel of its kind.

Dr. Greer uses the courts much like Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense does, but on a much smaller scale. It all began when the State of New York retaliated against him for reporting on scandals and he sued (see Greer v Mehiel 15-cv-6119). He settled with the private sector defendants and took the New York State defendants to the Supreme Court (see Greer v Mehiel U.S. 19-1262). Case law from that has led to others being able to sue private sector Twitter for First Amendment violations. He has also sued the New York State Department of Health to obtain hospital death data related to the COVID pandemic (see Cortex Television v New York State Dept of Health 536110 CV-22-2266). Dr. Greer is now suing Fox News and News Corp for misappropriation of his content, inter alia. That case is before the Second Circuit federal court of appeals (see Greer v Fox 22-1970-cv).

Dr. Greer has a concierge medicine program focusing on wellness/prevention and medical advocacy. Throughout the COVID pandemic, he treated patients with oral medications. He made calls to get patients admitted to hospitals when most hospitals were turning away the sick, and so on.

Dr. Greer was a leading voice in New York media exposing the lies and incompetence of the federal responses to the pandemic. His book Tony’s Virus was one of the very first to be critical of Dr. Fauci. The scandal related to New York Governor Cuomo ordering infected elderly in hospitals to be sent back to nursing homes to infect others was a story that originated from Dr. Greer when he was a guest on WABC radio and Rudy Giuliani’s podcast. In Florida, the outpatient clinics that were offering monoclonal antibodies began with an email from Dr. Greer to the governor. With the Trump administration, Dr. Greer advised HHS Secretary Azar on certain matters.