Commendable effort by PEP and marina staff to save stranded ducklings

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July 14, 2013- Today, a batch of newly hatched mallard ducklings were led by the mother into the waters of the North Cove Marina, instinctively thinking it was safe. However, the vertical concrete walls make the waters a death trap that fool the mallards every year.

The birds were spotted paddling in the marina and all of the possible agencies were contacted, to no avail. The 911 and 311 operators referred to the ASPCA, which was closed. The local NYFD would not help. The nearest Coast Guard station would not help.

The only agency willing to help was the BPC Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP), which promptly brought to the marina a net to scoop the ducklings. The dockmaster at the marina took BatteryPark.TV out on a small motorized dinghy, but the small hatchlings were lightning quick and refused to be saved. A second attempt was made hours later, but the birds were nowhere to be found, likely having ventured out into the massive Hudson River.

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