Illegal livery cabs make threats against new green cabs

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070113_greencab_emk 01.JPGNovember 25, 2013- BatteryPark.TV has extensively reported on the illegal livery cab problem that plagues Vesey Street, North End Avenue, and the residential streets in South BPC. The drivers have become increasingly violent. Related, the NY Post is reporting, “Illegal livery drivers see red when they spot green. The scofflaws are bullying the outer-boroughs’ new green-taxi operators — kicking, smacking and spitting on the apple-colored rides to scare them from what has been their prime turf, legal workers told The Post. The illicit drivers “have been making violent threats — kicking cars and banging on widows,” said Jenny Ahmed, who runs a green-taxi base in Brooklyn. “They think they’ve been there longer and it’s their turf.” At least three of Ahmed’s drivers have suffered through car-whackings and threats from angry drivers since the green-taxi program launched in August, she said.”

The new outer-borough green cabs are a hit

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