Letter: suggestions on sprucing up south BPC

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Albany Street and esplanade

Albany Street and esplanade

I always enjoy reading the articles about what is going on in BPC. I have lived in BPC for 4 years, renting for 2 years on North End ave and then we purchased a place on South End Ave for the last 2 years.

Since your focus this year is on beautification of South End Ave, I though of a couple suggestions:

1) Replace the yellow paint in the middle of South End Ave with a raised garden or trees similar to North End Ave.

2) Add cross walks at Rector Place and West Thames. Currently there are no cross walks that traverse South End Ave south of Albany Street.

3) Renovate/Modernize the Statue/Display that is on the end of Albany Street next to the the Esplanade (currently it is an ugly cement looking structure)

4) Pressure Gateway Plaza to do a facelift of the exterior. They have tested different colors on the south side of one of their buildings a couple years ago.. now it is time to pick one and update.

John Graham

(Editor’s note: please feel free to post your own comments below. The BPCA would to hear from you as well at matthew.monahan@batteryparkcity.org)


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5 Responses to Letter: suggestions on sprucing up south BPC

  1. Alan D says:

    I think they should widen the sidewalk on the west side of South End Ave. as it always seems to crowded.

  2. Roman says:

    I like the first idea alot, the bigger the trees the better, but anything would be great! Plus a stand for the upcoming NYC bike sharing program, if there is space.

  3. Archimedes says:

    The “Upper Room” at the end of Albany is beautiful just the way it is. I like it and it is a good place for lunch or a picnic.

  4. Sparky says:

    Gateway towers in by far, the greatest eyesore in the neighborhood. The faded exterior panels look old, worn out and ugly. I agree with the other comment about them choosing one of the colors they tested on one of the buildings. A dark color panel to restore the building would make a huge improvement

    A center treed median down the center of South End Avenue makes a lot of sense. Lots of trees, a safety zone for crossing such a wide street. A dristraction from so many buildings. BPCA has the money in the form of a surplus which we all paid into – this should be a priority

    yes – the side walk in front of Grestedes is way too narrow. This is made worse by the bikes parked and the trash while uses the brickwork


  5. Liz says:

    Dog owners need to curb their dogs. There is dog feces all over BPC especially by PS 276 .

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