Masks Don’t Work. Period.

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December 4, 2022- by Steven E. Greer MD

I was the first person in media to say that masks might work against a repository virus like COVID. I was doing a Newsmax TV show in March of 2020, one week before the lock-downs began. As a surgeon, we wear masks, even though they do nothing really even in the operating room other than stop large droplets of spit. I said that masks could help psychologically to make people feel as if they are doing something. Boy, was that a mistake.

It was a strange time. On March 9, 2020, when I did the segment, everyone in New York City was on edge, but the CDC, Fauci, White House, etc were still trying to lie to us and prevent panic. They had not yet turned the outbreak into a political tool. Part of that propaganda strategy meant they lied to us about masks saying they were silly to use. Long before Tony Fauci became a pro-mask-er, he was a mask denier.

Well, now we know how useless masks are at preventing any sort of respiratory illness. Despite that, oppressive governments are still imposing mask mandates as a way to control the people and force a visible sign of obedience.

With that in mind, as I have done with the vaccines, I will start posting the data on masks.

  • December 4, 2022- N95 masks work no better than cloth against COVID in randomized controlled trial
  • State AG’s suing The White House deposed Tony Fauci. He could not list a single study that showed masks work to stop COVID spread.
  • @AGJeffLandry- “Traveling – should I wear a mask?” A friend asked Fauci this in Feb. 2020. He wrote back: “I do not recommend.” One month later, Fauci forced everyone to wear a mask, when the actual science said they did more harm than good.


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