More bad press for Danny Meyer

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January 12, 2015- The Post reports, “New York restaurant mogul Danny Meyer has fired a legal warning at the yet-to-open Lincoln Square Steak, insisting that it’s too similar to his popular Union Square Café, The Post has learned.

Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group — the owner of Gramercy Tavern, The Modern and Shake Shack among other establishments — sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Upper West Side restaurant on Wednesday, claiming the new eatery infringes on its trademark.

“I have a high regard for Danny, but I think he is over-reaching this time,’’ Evans said. “Kathie Lee said that not only was our logo too similar but that our menu also was.”

Unrelated, we have heard that the NYT food critic Pete Wells stopped by North End Grill at least twice, late last year, but declined to write a review. Danny Meyer might have scared him off. Mr. Meyer was “coincidentally” dining at North End Grill when Mr. Wells was there.

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It’s official. Danny Meyer has sold out, literally.

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