Sidewalk scaffolding properly handled by Milford Management

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December 27, 2011

By Liz Conner

BatteryPark.TV previously reported on the scourge of the proliferation of unsightly sidewalk scaffolding popping up everywhere, and how long they stay in place. The building owners seem to have financial incentives for keeping the rental scaffolding in place longer than necessary (tax write-offs perhaps?).

A notable exception to this New York real estate blight was the handing by Milford Management (management company for Milstein Properties) of its mandatory “Local Law 11” five-year inspection at 200 Rector Place. The scaffolding on West Thames was erected and dismantled within approximately a month.

This is in stark contrast to the nearby on-again-off-again stalled project of bankrupt, then un-bankrupt, 225 Rector Place, now owned by Related Companies. The management claims that the reason for those scaffolding is that new windows are being installed.

Recall, the 225 rector Place building was an eyesore with scaffolding up for years during the bankruptcy stages of the project. The scaffolds were briefly removed, then reinstalled this year.

If you live in a residential building or have a ground floor business being harmed by these scaffolding scams, we encourage you to speak up. Also, feel free to send us a letter.

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