Slippery Bill Thompson up to old tricks

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Bill ThompsonApril 6, 2013- The Columbia University school of journalism runs a news site called “The New York World” which focuses on New York politics. They have discovered that former Chairman of the BPCA, Bill Thompson, who abruptly resigned from his post and is now running for mayor, is violating the law by not disclosing the details of his campaign donors.

The article states, “Who are Merryl Tisch and Michael Milstein? Most city politicians could quickly identify the former as the chancellor of the state Board of Regents, while the latter is the son of real estate titan Howard Milstein. Apparently, though, Bill Thompson can’t, even though each has donated nearly $5,000 to his campaign.Explore the Money Trail to City Hall 2013 to see how much the candidates raised, from whom and where. Campaign fundraising filings by the mayoral candidate have left out data on the occupations, employers or addresses of the sources of more than $450,000 of his funds — Tisch and Milstein among them — even though the information is required by law. That’s more than 15 percent of all the money Thompson has raised for his mayoral bid — the most of any of the four biggest-raising Democratic candidates.”

Why did Bill Thompson abruptly leave BPCA?

Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson gets low marks from his old constituents in Battery Park

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