They are going to try to electronically erase us before the 2024 election

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March 2nd, 2024- by Steven Greer

I am waking up on Saturday morning after an unusually long epic dream. Some events in the news had created this dream.

I was in a dystopian world where we were under attack by the same mystery Blob that is controlling The White House now. People in my dream started to realize that all of the money in their bank accounts was erased. When they tried to fix it, there was no record of their identity. Birth records, college records, military records, etc. had all been erased. Even hospital records had been erased.

When I woke up, I think I figured out the plan for how the WEF/Fourth Reich/CCP will try to prevent the 2024 election. They have already tried it on small scale dry runs. They are going to hit us with a massive cyberattack and erase identities.

Voter registrations are all electronic. If they erased that information on the day of the election, people would not be able to vote. It would be quite simple.

This week alone, we saw China erasing all record of how they handled COVID with massive concentration camps. We saw a cyberattack on cell phone carriers. Large health insurance companies had their records hacked. Then, Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, had customers showing zero dollars in their accounts.

If they do not go after the election, the Blob can certainly harass political opponents by erasing their bank accounts and making it impossible to get the money back. They can tamper with their electronic equipment too. They can deactivate their modern cars. They can turn off their Microsoft powered computers.

Elon Musk tweeted that he purchased a new Microsoft computer and it was forcing him to login and keep open a Microsoft account. That means their artificial intelligence will have full access to all of the files on his computer. That means Microsoft can shut down your computer if it wants to. There was news that Microsoft Office users were getting warning prompts if they used language and documents that did not properly gender people.

This is what Klaus Schwab calls the Fourth Industrial revolution. It is all about controlling people electronically people. They want 15-minutes cities with security cameras everywhere so they can physically keep you in check.

Of course, it all started in China. The world is not a vacuum. If one country does something and gets away with it, then it will be adopted by other totalitarian regimes. It was just a couple years ago that China was locking down entire cities with tens of millions of people. They started to build large concentration camps with hundreds of thousands of people in them. It became so unsightly that even Apple’s globalist CEO Tim Cook said that they could not do business with China if they continued with the concentration camps.

Back to my dream: Before I woke up, the Blob had successfully instigated Russia into World War III. The city I was in (I can’t quite place it) was attacked by neutron bombs. The buildings did not get destroyed, but the radiation killed everybody. I was far enough away and was trying to flee so that I would not develop cancer (turbo cancer is in the news). I think that this part of the dream came from news that Vladimir Putin was moving large ballistic nuclear weapons across Russia this week.

Regarding the election and a cyberattack, governors in red states need to remind Americans of their history. During the Civil War (the first one, not this current one), when hundreds of thousands of people were getting slaughtered, the elections still proceeded as normal. During the 1918 “Spanish Flu” that was killing people at a 50% rate (it might not have been a flu after all), the elections went on.

There should have been no changes to the same-day voting process during 2020. COVID was not virulent enough to justify the lockdowns and the changes to the election. There certainly is no need for them now. The CDC just admitted that COVID is no worse than the flu.

All of those mail-in ballot policies from 2020 need to be revoked immediately. Then, there needs to be a federal law called the “Same Day Voting Act” that mandates all federal elections be tabulated before midnight on election day.

Update March 5, 2024-

  • Ken Paxton- “National outage of Facebook and Instagram on this Super Tuesday.
  • Elon Musk- “If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working
  • Election officials in Travis County, Texas are reporting that some Republican voters have not been able to vote This is Austin, Texas by the way Issue was supposedly caused by a voter registration “update” between early voting and election day that went “wrong”

Update March 7, 2024-

  • As the US government met at the Capitol for the SOTU- Multiple US government websites, including DHS, ICE and the Secret Service etc. are down.
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