Tip of the Week: Special computer screen RX glasses

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March 24, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

We recently posted a tip about how to order special prescription glasses to help people with presbyopia see their computer screens. This author just received his own glasses, and they are fantastic. They arrived ten days after ordering.

We spoke with Dr. William Mauger MD, Chairman of Ophthalmology at Ohio State, and learned that even in younger patients who do not yet have presbyopia, the strain on the eyes from staring at screens for hours can be damaging. Some evidence suggest that it leads to myopia.

The reason that everyone does not have two pair of glasses, one for far distances and one especially made for the computer screen distance, is cost. Now, however, with our tip on how to convert your RX Diopters, and new online optical stores that will send RX glasses for less than $50, more people of all ages can be sparing their eyes the strain.

Medical Tip: How to get special glasses for computer screen distances, for cheap

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