Joe Piscopo interviews Steven E. Greer, MD: 6-3-2020

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June 3, 2020- I was on the Joe Piscopo show today. the audio podcast is accessed here.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Regarding the looting and riots, this is literally a communist revolution, per my essay. Whenever large groups of people are hungry, unemployed, etc., communism swoops in
  • Why is it easier to impeach a president than oust a bad governor or mayor?
  • Trump is now tweeting about the Cuomo nursing home scandal. We started that topic right here on your show
  • Cuomo is on the defensive. He yanked his controversial nursing home plan from the website and is blaming Trump. Really? So, why did no other governor other than NY, NJ, PA, and MI do this if the CDC is to blame? The feds need to investigate
  • The Wuhan virus is not like radioactive waste that will never go away. It will fizzle out as it replicates, plus the weather will kill it.
  • We need to have millions of kids and young people resume normal life and create herd immunity. This is how all viruses have always gone away. Social distancing is doing harm.
  • I told you so- Tony Fauci has been neutralized by Trump. He is benched. Perhaps they know that he created this virus in his lab.
  • I told you so- the Moderna vaccine was all hype, stock is down
  • I told you so- I have said that remdesivir works best given early, study out this past weekend verified that


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