The Bolshevik Revolution 4.0

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May 31, 2020– by Steven E. Greer

The press on the left and the right is doing such a bad job covering these riots. The TV news is nothing but sensational images of stores being gutted and skirmishes with police. There is no attempt to explain why and how this is all happening.

First, the “news” is failing to even attempt to identify the funding sources and who are organizing these non-spontaneous, planned, organized, riots. I am sure that we will ultimately learn far-left billionaires are behind it all, protected by layers of shell companies and non-profits.

Recall, people like George Soros, Tom Steyer, the Koch brothers, etc. first used paid stooges in Guatemala to send thousands of illegal immigrants in caravans designed to overrun the border. Then, they got their big break with the pandemic and took advantage of that. Using their propagandist puppets in the media and their corrupt Democrat leaders in state and city governments, they shut down the country with fearmongering.

The goal is to stir anarchy in hopes of destroying the country as we know it. This is nothing but the Bolshevik revolution of 100 years ago in its third form: The Bolshevik 4.0. This current revolution has all of the hallmarks of those in the past. It starts with extreme disparities in wealth with no middle-class. Then, power-hungry people come along, exploit that, and turn those angry people into their soldiers. And then, when it is all over, those same people used as front-line social warriors become slaves to the new tyrants, just as Lenin, Stalin, and all of the other communist leaders have done over the ages.

In the process, there is absolutely nothing off-limits to achieve their goal of power. Anything justifies the means. Previous communist revolutions have killed tens of millions of people. So, what we are seeing now, which is merely a little bit of rioting and a shut down of an economy, is child’s play to them.

The media are also failing to connect the dots. Much of the fuel for these riots is coming from three-months of house-arrest. This is what you get when you take peoples’ livelihoods away and tell them that they cannot even touch one another.

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4 Responses to The Bolshevik Revolution 4.0

  1. Dr B says:

    Right on…When will people really wake up????? When someone throws a Molotov cocktail into THEIR car or home????

    WHY hasn’t Antifa been deemed a domestic terrorist group?

    WHY hasn’t the FBI gone after the money sources????

    As someone said on the news today: What would happen to a group of ISIS terrorists if they burned 47 NYPD cars in one night and put 33 police officers in the hospital???

  2. MG says:

    WOW! This is a Pulitzer Prize winning article!!! I have “chills” running up and down my back after reading it. Hopefully, you can get this on one of your radio shows.

  3. Samantha says:

    Great article. Why wasn’t Antifa declared a terrorist Organization? Trump wanted to but was it Mcmasters Or the other deep state stooges that stopped him?

    I believe a lot of people understand this was another attempt by extreme leftists to take down Trump

    Russia Collusion Hoax
    Mueller Investigation
    Fauci Covid destroy economy hoax…… fails

    Oops covid going away, stocks are rebounding, nyc opening June 6 So

    Leftists panicking “what can we do? Oh yeah, we will exploit a tragedy by gathering up the easily manipulated masses, the bored youth, destroy stores that just reopened “Nordstrom’s, Gucci” and destroy economy so it cannot recover and Neither will Trump”

    Soros puppet master and CNN as his Goebbels

    BTW, last night visions of Screaming Unmasked people hitting each other is a major covid experiment

    Will there be an uptick in cases? Or has “social distancing” been a farce? Will those young people bring it home to their 50+ parents, grandparents immune compromised?

    I was pretty angry as I have been stuck at home for 3-months told I can’t go to the beach or nyc park unmasked, but hadn’t realized That all of Cuomo’s rules went out the door if I was rioting…

    CNN destroyed In Atlanta, minority businesses burned to ground, police killed in Ca. Dallas man Defending store beaten to death by skateboards, Molotov cocktails thrown at Occupied police Car in nyc, and CNN headline news is that police “ran over people in union square” Fake News

  4. Shaban says:

    Can never count on the press for anything really.

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