CB1 has been given the green light to call for the end of the BPCA

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December 3, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV previously exclusively reported that Mayor de Blasio was looking into the option allowed in the state law that governs the BPCA to buy the BPCA for $1. We have also exclusively reported on the overall chaos amongst the leadership of the BPCA currently, with the departure of senior staff.

At the December meeting of the BPC subcommittee of the CB1, the last item on the agenda was a discussion of the merits of dissolving the BPCA. Anthony Notaro delayed the discussion thinking that an elected official would show up (possibly Dan Squadron). That anticipated official was a no-show for the lame venue, and the meeting proceeded.

When the Kabuki theater began, false outrage over the BPCA was expressed by all of the CB1 members. Anthony Notaro pretended to have been upset with the current administration for a long time, and not simply jumping on a bandwagon revising history. However, as recently as one month ago, despite the BPCA’s Anne Fenton being responsible for the infamous attempt to close the Stuyvesant community center, Mr. Notaro graciously thanked her for attending the November CB1 meeting held in Asphalt Green. In fact, Mr. Notaro has never been anything but pandering and sickeningly sweet to the now-departed Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan during CB1 meetings.

Clearly, one or more elected officials are spotting it as a political winner to advocate for the dismantling of the BPCA. The puppetmasters of the CB1 have made it kosher now to bash the BPCA. Our sources seem to have been right on the money once again.

Stay tuned. We inform.

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