CB1’s Anthony Notaro tries again to draft year-end “accomplishments” and fails

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Notaro 1-6-2015January 6, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

When I started writing “Accomplishments of BatteryPark.TV” several years ago, which embarrassed the CB1, the head of the BPC committee of CB1, Anthony Notaro, tried to revise history by stealing our intellectual property making his own “accomplishments”. The first year we made an accomplishments list, in 2012, Notaro’s rebuttal list was so lame that it was not allowed to be presented to the full CB1 meeting. In December of 2013, he tried again, creating a cringe-inducing presentation before the BPC CB1. The next month, in January of 2014, he was supposed to present it to the full CB1, but skipped it and said that he would email it to members.

Twelve months later, despite being warned that he was infringing on BatteryPark.TV intellectual property, he had the CB1 staffer Noah Pfefferblit help him draft up another list of accomplishes. During the CB1 meeting on January 6th, the list was sounding again to be so lame and vague that Mr. Notaro quickly moved along, promising to email to members when it was completed.

BatteryPark.TV has exclusively obtained the list from January 6th that only the board members saw. See below. The “accomplishments” are so nebulous as to be meaningless. Some of them are also flat out false claims.

Anthony Notaro’s list of accomplishments by the CB1 for 2014

1) Worked with the Coast Guard and our waterways and other stakeholders to find ways to reduce impact from boats to quality of life of nearby residents (Editor’s note: Too bad he failed and nothing was done to reduce the ferry boat horns noise.)

2) Worked with promoters of large events to make significant changes to events to reduce impacts to quality of life parts to quality of life of residents, e.g. Tunnel to Towers and Half Marathon. (Editor’s note: This is Notaro flagrantly stealing credit for something for which he was just a pawn in the act. BatteryPark.TV initiated the community organizing against the Tunnel to Towers and prompted Goldman Sachs, Stephen Starr, and the Conrad Hotel, to tell the BPCA to change the event.)

3) Developed dialogue with PEP officers by adding monthly reports to meeting agendas (Editor’s note: These reports are utterly useless.)

4) Worked with NYC DOT to provide community input to improve plan for changes to a BPC streets (Editor’s note: The CB1 actually prevented far more aggressive changes planned and approved by the DOT from happening. As a result, only West Thames was address. The CB1 lobbied to BPCA to keep the chaos by Gateway Plaza unchanged.)

5) Provided input to improve visitor center at Pier A (Editor’s note: This “input” was laughed at by the Poulakakos team. The visitor center is still not opened, and if it does open, will be a farce.)

6) Adopted resolution advocating for inclusion of community needs in North Cove Marina RFP (Editor’s note: Notaro refused to allow a resolution in support of Mike Fortenbaugh in October. Only after a New York Times article on December did the two-faced CB1 pretend to support Mr. Fortenbaugh.)

7) Advocated for retention of affordable housing in BPC in letter on behalf of tenants River Terrace building and general resolution (Editor’s note: Oh boy. The CB1 will really sway the mayor…not.)

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