Shari Hyman of the BPCA wants to destroy the West Thames grass field

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January 22, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

As a result of the inadequate agronomy skills possessed by BPC Parks Conservancy leader Tessa Huxley and her staff, the luxurious West Thames grass field has been closed for excessively long periods of time. The Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) are also to blame, refusing to stop large organized games of soccer, which tear up the field.

Perhaps the incompetence at tending to grass was deliberate in order to justify an artificial turf field?

As predicted by BatteryPark.TV, the long periods of field closure was the excuse used today by BPCA President Shari Hyman to propose to the BPCA board to replace the grass with artificial turf, turning it into something more like Pier 40 or the north ballfields.

Neither Shari Hyman nor any other person from the BPCA at the meeting lives in BPC. Once again, appointed one-percenters are making decisions for the residents of BPC.

Will any of the apartment owners living in buildings near the grass field put up a fight? It is unlikely, since most of them are “owners” only as investors and do not live in BPC. Also, the real estate companies that manage and own the buildings are beholden to the BPCA, which is their landlord.

Of note, Ms. Hyman is married to a man who was a lead defense attorney for the convicted felon Bernie Madoff.

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  1. JJ says:

    Destroying the BPC community one day at a time … ”

    job done

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