Letter to the Editor: The Rector Street Bridge should come down, and don’t build another one!

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Rector STreet bridge from east sideApril 13, 2014- By Gerald Hanweck

Dear Editor,

Right on! And don’t build the new one, either. It’s a waste of money.

Should every BPC resident be forced to pay $2,100 for a new bridge? Or a toll of $1 or more every time you cross… for the next 10 years? That’s what the $30 million cost divided by BPC’s 14,000 residents amounts to.

The money is far better spent on traffic lights in front of PS/IS 276 and at W. Thames/S. End Ave. intersection… school improvements… better policing….

3 Rector Street bridge looking north 4-13-2014

Tear down the Rector Street bridge

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