Northern Tiger to open in Hudson Eats within a week or two

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Update January 31, 2015- Northern Tiger will open in Hudson Eats within a week or two, folks who work nearby told me. They are waiting on city permits.

Update July 1, 2014- The new Chinese restaurant scheduled to open in Hudson Eats is 6-months away. The owner presented before the CB1 tonight for a liquor license. The design of the restaurant is still underway.

Update June 17, 2014- The NY Times reports more details on Northern Tiger. The chefs and owners are Erika Chou and Doron Wong. They currently run the Chinatown restaurant Yunnan Kitchen. This is the NY Times review, not that anyone should ever form an opinion based on Pete Wells.

June 14, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I have written many times that all of Downtown is lacking any sort of edible Chinese cuisine. Battery Park City only has to choose from the China Chalet, Wei West, and the joints on South End Avenue that change names and owners every time the health department shuts them down.

I heard that China Chalet was OK, so I ordered from them a few times. I was very disappointed and did not like that they used non-traditional plastic packaging. The dinners arrived in “TV Dinner” compartmentalized plastic trays. There were no chopsticks, just plastic forks and tons of other sauces and things that no one uses. The rice was horrible too.

At Wei West in the Goldman Alley, the quality is at least not scary. However, I know that hidden kitchen too well. I cannot eat there now with those images in my mind. (Wei West is owned by the same man who owns the Beans&Greens next door, as well as Pick-A-Bagel, Alan Philips).

In a previous story, I looked at the actual delivery patterns in my large building, which was a representative sample of the area, and Chinese was the most popular genre of order-in food. Therefore, anyone capable of making even average quality food would be an overnight millionaire.

I have told the Brookfield leasing guy, Ed Hogan (and the Parm people who cook Chinese on Sundays), that a Chinese spot would be a good idea. Did they listen?

The last empty spot in Hudson Eats has been named, and it is called Northern Tiger. It is a Chinese restaurant. Unless they really screw it up, this will be the biggest improvement to the community of all of the new restaurants.

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2 Responses to Northern Tiger to open in Hudson Eats within a week or two

  1. John says:

    …this will be the biggest improvement to the community of all of the new restaurants.

    How about Blue Ribbon Sushi? Because we have soooo many sushi place in BPC.

  2. Barry Hauptman says:

    Hudson Eats Blue Ribbon Sushi opening appears imminent. Wall down and menu planning going on in the dining area.

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