The Brookfield Place ice rink to open Saturday

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Ice rink 11-13-2013November 10, 2013– The ice is being created now and the rink should open this week.

November 3, 2013- Last year, the BPCA, headed by VP of Operations Anne Fenton (who was a press person for local politicians prior to somehow being promoted to “VP of Operation” by Dennis Mehiel), chose a horrible location for a small ice skating rink, all the way down on Wagner Park, where few knew about it. They killed the lawn in the process costing the BPCA tens of thousands in repairs the next spring. This year, the private sector seems to be doing a better job. Under the control of Brookfield Properties, the rink is located by the Winter Garden.

Ice rink killed grass. Sod now dead too.

Liberty View Ice Rink

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