The Deep State is now staging large-scale unrest as a path to omnipotence

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April 16, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

On Monday, April 15, 2024, the United States was attacked in many large cities by well-organized domestic terrorists pretending to be pro-Palestinian protestors. They shut down major bridges and airports, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Chicago O’Hare. This was two-days after a staged attack on Israel with feckless missiles (i.e., slowly moving drones or crude rockets) supposedly sent by Iran. The projectiles were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome (i.e., Reagan’s Star Wars).

This all seemed to be part of one global psy-op. But by whom, and why?

I think that I have figured out the strategy behind all of this. It was specifically designed to distract from the kangaroo trial of Trump that started on Monday, and also to scare The House into renewing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, which allows the Deep State to spy on Americans without a warrant (which is is flagrantly unconstitutional).

The last few days was part of a more encompassing strategy of creating crises that give pretexts for expanding the powers of the military-spy-industrial complex into omnipotence.

We know for a fact that these so-called pro-Palestinian protesters were supported by state and/or federal governments. In every case, Democrats governors in California, New York, Washington, etc. told their police forces to protect the protestors rather than arrest them. On the Golden Gate bridge, the police were preventing drivers from clearing the road. In New York City, the fake protestors held a fiery protest outside of NYPD headquarters and the police did nothing. In Illinois, they shut down the airport and the police did nothing, etc.

These stunts were designed to be high-profile and very public so as to scare congress. They use Muslim terrorists spewing Nazi antisemitic hate, waiving Hamas flags, in order to be as scary as possible to Congress. Americans still remember Osama bin Laden’s attacks. Jihadists stir maximum fear.

Last week, House Speaker Johnson held a closed-door meetings with the CIA and they scared him with information on how many sleeper cells now exist. Those, of course, are by design. The same Deep State has been importing hundreds of thousands of radical jihadists over the southern border (as well as CCP men). Sure enough, the House got spooked and renewed the warrantless spying yesterday.

Going forward until the election, it is clear to me what the Third-term Obama stooges (part of the Fourth Reich) are planning. It will be very easy for them to repeat Monday and have a scores of attacks on soft targets right before the election so as to justify canceling the election. Look for stabbings of civilians in the US like we saw in Australia over the last few days.

The Deep State has already gained complete control over the population and few realize it. They can obliterate the Fourth Amendment and spy on us whenever they want. The recent spending bill quietly created a new “red flag” army of the DOJ that is now training thousands of citizens to be armed brown-shirts like the Nazis. You can just call a hotline on your neighbor and you will get the feds to go out and visit them. Before that, a different spending bill enabled 87,000 IRS to carry guns.

Also, there is supposed to be a enacted within a few days that will the NSA to control every aspect of the Internet. That means the Deep State can shut down my small services provider and silence me, or even go after Twitter (X) by blocking the Internet.

Terrorism will be the pretext that banks use to give the Deep State your banking information. Look for banks to prevent cash withdrawals.

Meanwhile, “We the Sheeple” have nobody fighting for us other than a few attorneys general and one or two governors. People are realizing finally that the so-called Republican House is a mirage. It is actually run by the Uniparty. That means both branches of congress are lost.

Only state governments can protect us, which will be unlikely. The Second Amendment has become more important than ever. It allows for militias, which is why they want your guns.

Until this weekend, I was optimistic that the low-IQ Obama team would fail at this coup. Now, I see that the Deep State is too large and we have no organized resistance.

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