The Maui fires were another attack on soft targets by rogue government agents, like East Palestine

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August 17, 2023-

When the East Palestine, Ohio train full of chemicals derailed, many people suspected that it was sabotage. When they intentionally ignited it, creating the same toxic gas used in WW1, and when the federal DHS and FEMA refused to help, it was obvious what was going on. It was an attack by the Fourth Reich on Trump County.

East Palestine and other attacks on soft targets were trial runs for the plan the Fourth Reich has for 2024. Klaus Schwab and his WEF stakeholders know they will be hanged by the mob if they lose power. They will escalate matters into a hot war.

In Maui, the massive fires decimated entire towns of regular income people who had extraordinary homes. It is now apparent that this too was a soft target attack organized by a shadow government.

  • Maui was an act of terrorism by the Fourth Reich on par with Pearl Harbor. This video shows how the millionaire houses were untouched.
  • The crooked Maui police chief was the same Las Vegas chief who covered up the 2017 mass shooting
  • Just had confirmation by phone from a Private Detective that Maui Authorities turned the Water Supply OFF when Residents began dousing their homes with Water from hoses. Maui was a Terror Attack
  • THIS IS PURE EVIL!!! I Have Obtained New Footage From Maui Fire Ground Zero That Shows Hawaii Police Officer SHUTTING DOWN A CITIZEN DONATION CENTER FOR VICTIMS OF THE FIRES   The Officer Says (Not Knowing He is Being Recorded) THAT THE “POWERS THAT BE” ARE RESPONSIBLE  Maui is a small series of islands with a population of only about 165,000 people. Of those individuals, most of them are very wealthy, and a lot of them are celebrities.
  • Hawaii officials say ‘no regrets’ about lack of wildfire sirens
  • People in Maui asking police chief why the water was turned off
  • Hawaiian official M. Kaleo Manuel refused to release water in Maui as the fire raged Manuel is deputy director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources Here he is explaining that water should be revered, not used:
  • MAUI: UNSAFE GOVERNMENT WATER: ‘Not Safe’: Government-Provided Drinking Water Is Making Disaster-Stricken Maui Residents Sick “They’re experiencing fevers, chills, and other ailments from drinking this potable water.” “We’re also hearing that the potable water being brought in by government officials is making people ill for whatever reason. They’re experiencing fevers, chills, and other ailments from drinking this potable water that’s been left. So I really urge you guys to please be careful on ingesting this water, and where you’re getting it from.”
  • The “Republicans” are mum about Maui.
  • Media and news are not allowed into Lahaina
  • Reporter: “Can you tell us about your Hawaii trip, sir?” Biden: “No”
  • Emotional Maui resident rips Biden’s ‘slap in the face’ wildfire response: ‘Where’s the president?’
  • Maui locals accuse fire crews of allowing fire to restart: ‘They could’ve saved everybody else’


August 19, 2023

  • Maui death count could be in the thousands, making it worse than Pearl Harbor by any measure, especially if it is viewed as an attack on the nation
  • Charred Remains of ‘Entire Families’ Found Huddled Together in Maui Homes; Morgues Run Out of Body Bags (VIDEO) via
  • The Mayor of Lahaina is evicting people who’s houses didn’t get burned down and those who still have houses, forcing them to move to somewhere else before September 31st. So they can build a “Command Center” (Create a crisis, in this case it was arson, to take land and control)
  • The cruelty of disaster capitalism on full display in Maui: “We can’t get aid yet they are serving evictions.”
  • Hawaii official concerned with ‘equity’ delayed releasing water for more than 5 hours as wildfires raged: report


August 21, 2023

  • Hawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire
  • 850 people missing after Maui wildfires, mayor says they’re ‘saddened and relieved’
  • Margaret Brennan: “Are you saying that climate change amplified the cost of human error with the Maui wildfires response?” Hawaii Democrat Gov. Josh Green: “Yes”
  • Maui Residents Chant “F*CK YOU” to Joe Biden As He Finally Shows Up 13 DAYS After The Fires
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