The Maury Povich show for ducks

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June 5, 2011

The waterfall duck pond is quite confusing this year. Last year, two different nests of ducklings were combined into the pond and one mother became the parent, to the best of our knowledge. This year, a mystery man once again transferred the new hatchlings from Teardrop Park into the pond, but the Parks Conservancy folks had not prepared any dry land areas, and we believe that they drowned (we are awaiting a reply from the BPCA). The adult female mallard also disappeared. That was approximately two weeks ago.

A few days ago, suddenly two mystery ducklings reappeared and the pond water level was lowered and islands were made for the ducklings, as was done last year. We are investigating which nest these ducklings came from, whether the female laid a new bunch of eggs, or whether they were imported from a distant location.

In addition to the adult female, there are more than five colored-plumage adult males vying for the attention of the female. Much like the Maury Povich show, the true father is unknown. Although, the female does seem to have one male chosen.

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