Is P90X a mental health risk to congressmen?

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June 7, 2011

A growing number of 40-something congressmen are getting into the best shapes of their lives after joining an informal “P90X caucus“, whereby they religiously workout to the instructions of the infomercial P90X program. However, is this detrimental to their careers? Should never-before-in-shape dorky white men receive psychological counseling before getting buff?

Earlier this year, a 46-yo married member of the P90X caucus, Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) was ejected from his congressional seat after being busted posting a shirtless photo on Craigslist (while seeking a prostitute). Now, another 46-yo member of the P90X gang, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), will likely lose his seat, one way or the other, after posting on Twitter his surprisingly in-shape shirtless thorax created by his workout regimen (who knew that below that pencil neck were any muscles greater than a 10-yo girl?).

Politics is often called the Hollywood for ugly people. Now, with better knowledge of diet and exercise, and some “Low-T” prescriptions thrown in, these men are adding the aesthetic aspect to the mix. But this added power seems to be too potent for them, and they snap, risking it all with risky ultra-stupid sexting.

Of course, P90X might not be to blame. The State of New York might be the epidemiological risk factor here, given the past relics of Eliott Spitzer, Eric Massa, David Paterson, etc.

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