Why the Democrats will lose badly in 2020

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June 28, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

The front-runners for the Democrats in 2020 were on stage last night in a massive clusterfuck. A couple of soundbites and stunts exemplified why the Democrats are out of touch with reality and will lose badly in 2020.

First, when the panel was asked to raise hands if they supported giving free healthcare to millions of illegal aliens, they all raised their hands. I immediately spotted this is a defining point for the entire party and that they were doomed. Trump saw this too and tweeted, “That race is over” The cover of the Post showed them raising their hands with the caption, “Who Wants to Lose the Race?”

Kamala Harris supposedly was the winner because she took on Grandpa Biden and made him look bad. But she will lose as she gains more media attention. She is repulsive and can survive only in the shadows protected by a Blue State bubble.

It seems that Kamala Harris has a never-ending list victim cards to play. Last night, she played the race card (to be specific, she plays the black race card despite being 50% Indian. India natives apparently do not muster the same sympathies as oppressed blacks.) She also played the female card.

But she added a new twist. Kamala Harris is now the sweet innocent “little girl” who was victimized. There is no indication that she was ever harmed in her career by being female. In fact, only because she has a vagina is the only reason she is where she is today. She had an affair with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. But now, she’s playing the “young sweet innocent little girl card”-Repulsive.

The only sweet innocent girls in the story are the victims of her tenure as a prosecutor. Harris is on the record openly bragging about putting single moms on welfare in jail when their kids were truant.

Kamala Harris is a sympathetic figure my ass. Her mean-spirited true-bitch-self exudes in her facial expressions. She would shank you in prison without thinking about it.

Do not be surprised to see one of the current unkowns win the Democrat nomination.

This is the party of Jussie Smollet. This is the party of small child brains.

Trump term-two coming right at you, folks.

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