Third-term Obama comes out of the closet

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March 24, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

This week has been a turning point for the shadow forces truly controlling The White House.  The worms have had their rock lifted and are squirming out into broad daylight.

It has been pretty obvious that Barack Obama has been staging an unconstitutional third-term using a Weekend-At-Bernie’s puppet in Biden. However, Biden is deteriorating mentally faster than expected. The curtain has been pulled from The Wizard of Oz and European nations are no longer following orders. The recent loss of their stooge leader in Ireland this week sent them into a panic.

That is why Obama had to make an emergency run over to 10 Downing St. He did it publicly so that he could reassure the world that some adult really is in charge of the United States. He is not even trying to hide this charade anymore.

Obama then had his stooge Victoria Nuland make a public comment about “surprises for Putting” and then launch an ISIS terrorist in Moscow, hoping to start WW3. ISIS is a lame, defeated, fake terrorist organization that was completely created by Obama and his CIA. The fact that Obama is roiling out this tired idea shows how weak they are.

Obama then had his other stooge from his first two administrations, John Kerry, make radical comments about needing to reduce the amount of food we grow in order to reduce emissions, which is the same thing as saying, he needs to starve humans to deaths. Those greenhouse emissions they talk about are YOU. He also ordered “Benghazi Susan” Rice to go before the media.

Capping off the week, Obama then made a bizarre video of him in the White House standing next to Biden and Nancy Pelosi, as if to show the world that they are in charge. It backfired because most people saw through the psy-op.

On one hand, all of this is a positive development because it shows that the traitors are in crisis mode. This entire coup could collapse soon.

However, they are going to do more and more radical actions. That is why they created a bizarre Federal “Red Flag” program to go after gun owners. This illegal regime will train the equivalent of Nazi Brown Shirts to raid houses of gun owners in red states.

It is all part of a plan to create a Second Civil War and then suspend the constitution, just as Trudeau did in Canada. They even have a big budget movie coming out in April called “Civil War” as a psy-op to condition us.

The hot war has begun. Soft targets in the Republic-run states will be attacked. Obama has come out of the close as the Third-Term POTUS.

March 28, 2024- This is a real photo of the two going to a fundraiser in New York.

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  1. Larry says:

    All so clear that even Joe Biden could understand it…

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