Yes. It is OK to feed the ducklings soft bread.

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June 5, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, mD

It has been a few years since ducklings have made it from the grass nest to the waterfall pond, so a reminder of what they need is in order. First, these are not Parks Conservancy animals, like the fish. They stay alive only from the help of the community.

Until they birds can fly out of the steep-walled artificial pond, they need food. It looks like a natural ecosystem, but there are no bugs and worms for the ducklings to eat. Prior to 2010, when the community began to help the hatchlings, year after year, the birds would starve to death.

The other misconception is that the birds will be choked if fed bread. Soft normal bread is fine. Just avoid popcorn or hard chips. Bread is not ideal, but it is better than starvation.

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