Results: US Postal Service containers removed

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Post office containers goneUpdate May 22, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

The US Postal Service container were removed by someone today. We had contacted the head of operations at Brookfield Properties, as well as the BPCA. In addition, a small but growing group of residents also emailed the same officials.

American Express thoroughly investigated, and assured us that their private mail processing company was not responsible. However, numerous other companies with different “callers” handling mail could be the culprit. Stay tuned to see whether the offenders stay on good behavior or slip back into trashing the corner.

USPO trash boxes 2

May 21, 2013- A viewer asked us to try to help remove the piling up US Postal Service containers by the mailbox on Albany Street and South End Avenue. The viewer was successful last October in achieving this, with the help of Rep. Nadler’s office. This time, he was not getting a response, so we investigated.

A manager at the Church Street post office explained that the problem is caused not by postal service staff, but rather by third-party private companies hired by corporations within the World Financial Centers referred to as “callers”. The large volume of mail to American Express and other companies in the WFC are processed by the callers, who then find it convenient to leave the empty containers by the mailboxes. The equipment is not supposed to leave the WFC, according to the USPS manager.

The postal service will, once again, investigate the matter and try to have to WFC staff stop the dumping of empty mail containers. Stay tuned.

USPS orange crateUSPS orange crate 2

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4 Responses to Results: US Postal Service containers removed

  1. Debra banks says:

    Hi, just to let you know..last october i went to the bpca office several times complaining about the orange bins, even speaking to a supervisor whom came out that same morning to see the problem… Once again I have been twice already to the bpca office in the past 10 days….

    The effort to rid albany of these bins is a due to numerous complaints by individuals not just one viewer!

  2. River Terrace Resident says:

    The bins are on wheels. Why can’t someone of able body just wheel them over to the WFC lobby and leave them there for them to deal with if they are theirs? Seems like a lot of wasted time “talking”. I believe “action” would resolve this issue,no?
    Thank you

  3. Brosen says:

    The older sections of South Ene Av.from Liberty to the South Cove have become more and more a dumping ground for what theN.End refuses to accept.The corner at Albany and S.End Ave will soon look like East B’wy if locals let it happen.

  4. Liz McCabe says:

    I actually thought about moving them myself, but hesitated if they are Post Office (government) property. I don’t want to end up with a problem for tampering with government property.

    Steve, can you post a phone number, email address, name of the correct person for us to contact about it? I passed the orange dumpster this morning and it is filthy – filled with clear US Post office boxes as well as other garbage.

    If we apply enough pressure to the right person, I am sure it would solve the problem.


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