2024 in Review: January

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February 1, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

To make it easier to write the year-end review of 2024, I will start reviewing each month.


January began with the ousting of Harvard’s President Claudine Gay because she condoned Nazi-like hate-spewing mobs on her campus. They took her down on plagiarism charges. Hedge funder Bill Ackman, a Harvard grad, was the leader.

The Wizard of Oz curtain fell from Davos as Klaus Schwab convened a humiliating confab. France followed the Netherlands where farmers in tractors surrounded Paris, sending President Macron fleeing to Sweden.

Perhaps to distract from their failures, it appears that some shadowy force staged a rocket attack on U.S. soldiers in Syria, killing and injuring dozens, but no enemy could be identified. The people controlling Biden planned a retaliatory attack, but held off.

The COVID hoax also began to unwind. Congress deposed Anthony Fauci over two days. He admitted that he made up the “science” to justify the six-feet social distancing charade. The CDC was exposed for knowing about myocarditis adverse events caused by the “vaccines” in early 2021 and withholding the report, and the Wall Street Journal reported on the rise of cancer in young people, but pretended that doctors were flummoxed.

A series of legal events made it clear that much of the American judicial system has fallen to communism and are kangaroo courts. Those same mobs at Harvard were also organized to literally attack the fences of The White House, and FBI Director Wray told Congress that they would not be investigated. A senate staffer who filmed himself having anal sex in the Capitol was not charged with crimes. The mystery man who planted a pipe bomb on January 6, 2021 was revealed to be a government stooge. The members of congress who staged the J6 hoax started to get in front of the falling narrative by admitting to it on favorable propaganda platforms. Details of men who used underage prostitutes provided by Jeffrey Epstein resulted in no prosecutions. A federal trial in New York, where Trump was the civil defendant, violated every judicial rule known and rigged the outcome. A jury awarded a woman who was never raped by Trump more than $50 million in punitive damages. In Georgia state court, the crooked DA going after Trump was found to be money laundering to the prosecuting attorney who is her lover.

Later in January, the treason taking place at the Southern Borer came to a head. After the Supreme Court declined to back the efforts of Texas to defend the border, Governor Abbott vowed to not let Biden’s federal border patrol enter Eagle Pass to cut the razor wire. Twenty-five other Republican governors vowed to support Texas. The millions of illegals who have already entered are creating chaos. In New York City, children were removed during a school day from classes so that the school could be used to house the illegals. Then, four South American illegals attacked a NYPD cop and were set free as they gave the middle finger to cameras.

In the economy, January saw a huge spike in layoffs that were held over from 2023. However, the propaganda from the Executive Branch was that the economy was great, justifying the Fed to not lower rates. Cleary, something has to break.

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