30 Park Place, Four Seasons hotel chooses restaurant operator

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October 20, 2015- The NYT reports, “For more than 30 years, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant empire has acquired a global footprint without so much as a pause in Manhattan. That is about to change. Next summer, he will open one of his Cut steakhouses near the World Trade Center. In an email, he wrote that though he had opportunities to open something in New York over the years, “the location was not right, or we as a team were not ready.” Now that he has a team that can move to New York, “I know the timing is right,” he wrote. Like most of the other six editions of Cut, the New York restaurant will be in a hotel: the new Four Seasons. It has an enormous menu, including more than 10 steak options and more than two dozen sauces, toppings and sides”

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