Another pointless running race disturbs the peace in BPC

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Update April 10, 2015- This event was discussed at the CB1 meeting this week. Apparently, many people in the community complained to CB1 about it, and the event hosted by the New York Road Runners was not at all how they promised it would be when they filed for the permit.

This seems to happen every year: some charity race event takes place that greatly differs from the originally promised plans. Then, the CB1 does nothing to punish the organizers, encouraging others to bait and witch with their applications.

March 15, 2015- Once again, another pointless running race was allowed to end in south BPC, and the hooping and hollering awakened everyone. This time, it was the New York Half Marathon (should anyone be congratulated for running a half marathon?).

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2 Responses to Another pointless running race disturbs the peace in BPC

  1. John says:

    Most annoying is when traffic is blocked for hours while “participants” waddle through the course. I know it’s not possible for many to run the whole way, but they should at least walk like they’re trying to catch a train.

  2. Rob says:

    These are especially irritating when they run on one of the side streets, like Battery Pl, and you have to dodge runners to cross the street.

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