4-way stop signs installed on West Thames

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Stop sign at SW corner West Thames South EndJuly 22, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

After two-years of community effort, getting the City DOT to draft plans, then having the BPCA cancel them, then having to fight the BPCA to get modified plans back on the table, the 4-way stop signs have been installed.

Crosswalk to concrete island

Stop sign crosswalk paintedWhat is lacking in this final work are the design changes that were planned for the entire strip of South End Avenue, the concrete island by the Citi Bike racks (because two condo owners protested), and real traffic lights.

BatteryPark.TV will continue the fight until we get traffic lights and a complete redesign of all streets in BPC.

Crosswalk West Thames

BPCA refuses to explain why it told DOT to cancel street safety measures

Final DOT plans for West Thames and South End Ave approved

Two condo owners oppose child safety measures for West Thames proposed by DOT

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