50 years later, they still dominate their industry and art

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cropped-Wall-falling-.jpgFebruary 9, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I have always listened to Pink Floyd sparingly, to avoid ruining it. I do not like to hear it on the radio for just one song, out of context of the album. At home, I listen to Floyd on special occasions, just a few times a year.

Meanwhile, I have been listening to new contemporary music for the last month or so. It’s all well produced now and new artists these days don’t have the same mistakes that the classic rockers made. Some might think it is too slick.

I was listening to these new groups Sunday night and had the idea to dip into the Floyd collection. I wasn’t sure if Floyd would still sound as good compared to the very good new bands I had become accustomed to this month.

I played the album “Wish You Were Here”, released after “The Dark Side of the Moon”.  Whoa. It was like listening to Beethoven played by the Vienna orchestra after listening a high school band.

Think about that. After 50 years, some bands like Floyd still dominate their genre. Hell, even the live stage shows of Roger Waters and Pink Floyd still blow away the other groups touring. At the 12:12:12 concert, the best rock musicians of all time were there, and the legends still ruled.

The pioneers of Rock and Roll not only invented a new genre of music, but they mastered it within ten years. It came along at the right time in history when people had an appetite for 45-minutes of good music on an album. There was enough money in selling records to support the industry.

I hope some truly great music comes along by a newcomer. But times have changed. The ingredients don’t seem to be there.

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2 Responses to 50 years later, they still dominate their industry and art

  1. Khai Meng Tham says:

    Can’t agree more! I concur violently.

    Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
    Ogilvy & Mather

  2. Duke Cameron, MD says:

    Agree completely. The old guys have been doing this for 50 years. Almost everything improves with practice

    Duke Cameron, MD
    Cardiac Surgeon-in-Charge
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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