A blogger for the Huff Post nails the stereotypes nearby

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Stroller TribecaOctober 13, 2013- A blogger for the Huff Post nails the stereotypes nearby

TriBeCa: This Lululemon wearing, stroller pushing, prominent young woman enjoys having “made it” in New York City. Her husband works in finance while she balances her growing organic coffee company and her growing family. She LOVES Soul-Cycle, just like her West Village friends. She’s on day twelve of her juice cleanse, leaving her irritable and very thin. Her children go to a great private school and are her pride and joy. She is a great mother. The parents are debating about moving to Connecticut and buying a house, or staying in the city and buying a dog. The thought of leaving New York is utterly terrifying, but slowly becoming a reality. They settle for a country house upstate.

Financial District: This New Yorker loves the views and amenities of their high-rise apartment, but hates the lack of nightlife, the rising price of rent and the overall lack of New York-ness their slowly developing neighborhood fails to provide. They are new to the city (less than two years) and have parents who insisted on them living in a building with a doorman. They are planning on moving uptown to Chelsea, Gramercy or Flatiron. Transportation is very important to them and they do brag about how accessible their neighborhood is while hating everything else.

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