A discussion with Health Freedom Defense’s Leslie Manookian about the need for pro se litigation assistance

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October 7, 2023- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Leslie Manookian is a former Goldman Sachs and Alliance equities investor. About 20-years ago, she began to expose the scams perpetrated by Big Pharma. She made a documentary in 2011 called The Greater Good.

I contacted her because her legal non-profit called Health Freedom Defense has scored numerous important victories. Her lawsuits led to the Los Angeles schools backing down from COVID vaccine mandates. She was also the one to get a federal judge to rule that the CDC lacked the authority to mandate masks on airplanes.

In Part 4 of our talk, we discuss my pro se litigation efforts and the need for assistance to others. Millions of people have been harmed and lawyers are not the solution.

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