A letter to The Republican Governors of The United States of America

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March 14, 2024- by Steven E. Greer, MD

(I sent this letter to the Republican governors)

To: The Republican Governors of The United States of America

RE: Declaration Resisting the Border Invasions

Dear Governors,

It is now undeniable that the people in charge of The White House and Federal policy are intentionally staging a massive invasion. The waves of illegal aliens, coming up from South America through Panama, are the result of highly organized and well-funded efforts paid for by the United States government using money laundering via NGOs. It started when Biden took office and signed executive orders. All of the problems could be stopped right now if Biden used executive orders. This is all by design. It is treason and a coup.

Now, these same Deep State people are going after the important State of Florida. It is highly plausible that they destabilized Haiti, emptied the prisons, and are now going to ship them to Florida. It looks like the Coast Guard will be escorting these boats and flotillas setting, up a confrontation with the Florida National Guard.

This country will be unable to tolerate the damage that these neo-communists and Fourth Reich fascists will do between now and the election. They are desperate cornered animals and will burn down the country if they have to in order to stay in power, literally.

There needs to be an emergency meeting of the governors of all of the Republican states, as well as influential voices, such as Elon Musk, Bobby Kennedy, Jamie Dimon, Ken Griffin, etc. The few members of Congress who are not part of the Uniparty should be invited too.

During this meeting, a Declaration document against this invasion would be prepared. Members of the Senate and House should be forced to weigh in with signatures (or by not signing). After that, the Republicans in Congress need to take action to stop this invasion, even if it means shutting down government spending completely.

There are only a few far-left people orchestrating all of this. Go for the heads of the snake.


Steven E. Greer, MD

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