More info on the unmarked mystery yacht in the North Cove Marina

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Token yacht in North Cove Marina 4-22-2015Update April 23, 2015- We called the Coast Guard and they gave the boat a visit. The man on board showed them ownership papers and said that the boat was purchased this week, thus explaining the lack of registration. The man on the boat claimed that he had permission from the BPCA which is operating the marina now.

However, it is very unusual for a multi-million-dollar vessel to leave the place of sale and have no registration or markings. The Coast Guard is investigating further.

Is this yacht parking for free with permission from the BPCA? s the owner a friend of Mr. Mehiel, Brookfield Place, or IGY Marina?

April 22, 2015- Perhaps in response to BP.TV reporting on the the fact that the marina will not be in use this year, someone has managed to park what appears to be a lone token yacht.

The boat has no registration or name posted on the stern or anywhere clearly visible on the boat. It is a plain vanilla yacht that seems to have yet been sold, belonging to no one. This is a violation of maritime law.

Who placed this decoy here? Was it IGY Marina, Brookfield, or the BPCA? And why?

BPCA announces that North Cove Marina will be out of service this year

No sign of the new marina operator

North Cove token yacht stern 4-23-2015North Cove token yacht right 4-23-2015North Cove token yacht left 4-23-2015

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6 Responses to More info on the unmarked mystery yacht in the North Cove Marina

  1. dejavu says:

    Do you have the name and hailing port of this vessel????

  2. JohnC says:

    The coast guard or NYPD should be called. See something, say something, right?

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    Let’s party on it!

  4. jpl says:

    So this marina just sits there empty generating no revenue for the BPC Authority at the start of the busiest time of the year. What a good deal the BPCA made,

  5. Editor says:

    As Sonny and Cher said, “You got it babe”

  6. dejavu says:

    Mystery no more. The boat apparently belongs to high frequency hedge funder Allen Hobbs, Age 46 – ex Millenium and Morgan Stanley.

    Thanks to Shipfinder and the AIS system operating on the vessel, we identified the vessels name as ALGORITHMS.

    We then searched for a boat with this name on the USCG Documentation registry and located the vessel, which was registered to an entity with this address. 720 N COLLIER BLVD #501
    MARCO ISLAND, FL 34145.

    We then checked Florida real estate records, and came up with the owner – Allen Hobbs and further Googling found him as the owner of Spinnaker, a hedge fund.

    In the menatime, we located him as having used a design contest to obtain a logo for his new boat: and he identified himself this way:
    “This is the name of my new motor yacht. I’ve earned my money in the
    hedge fund world by programming alogorithms to trade stocks (I’m a
    quant on Wall St.).”

    So, if there is no contract between Battery Park and IGY and IGY is collecting slip fees from him – I see a big issue re IGY.

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