Should there be a class action lawsuit of The World v Anthony Fauci?

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Update October 5, 2020- It has begun, just as I stated in my essay below. This German and American lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, who has sued Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen for large crimes against humanity is now managing “the largest tort in the history of the world” against the corrupt governments behind the Great Scamdemic.

Update June 16, 2020- Tony Fauci is now openly admitted that he lied to the country early in the pandemic when he said that wearing a mask was of no use. How many people in nursing homes contracted the virus because a nurse was not wearing a mask? This man should be sued.

Update April 9, 2020- I told you so. I was the first person in the media to loudly pound the table and state that the estimate by Tony Fauci of 200,000 deaths was not based on any evidence or reliable models. Now, they (not exactly sure who “they” are, but the White House experts are now blaming an obscure team at IHME for the models. And we still have no idea how those black-box mystery models were made. I guarantee you they were designed all wrong.) have already reduced those estimates to 60,000. My model still has about 20,000.

For Tony Fauci to spew the fearmongering high death estimates, knowing his actions would force President Trump and the governors to shut down the country, was willful and malicious negligence. He should be held accountable in civil court and drained of very asset he owns. He should also be fired.

April 7, 2020- by Steven E. Greer pro se federal litigator

As a direct result of official federal, state, and city policies across the nation, hundreds of millions of Americans have seen their basic civil rights violated. The constitution does not allow for the home quarantine policies and closures of businesses. For the sake of argument, even if it did, then the actions are unwarranted given the low death rates compared to normal flu patterns, etc.

The policies leading to “social distancing” have been issued capriciously and arbitrarily. In most cases, the governments have made 180-degree reversals in policy and rhetoric.

In other matters, the governments have flagrantly lied and engaged in classic textbook propaganda. For example, all levels of government lied about the lack of efficacy of face coverings in order to protect the scarce supply.

As a result of these liable actions and violations of civil rights. People have been arrested for simply exercising in public or engaging in social gatherings. The rights granted by the First Amendment have been chilled. Banks will be soon foreclosing on mortgages and car loans as the unemployed fall behind in payments. People are also needlessly dying as virus-fighting drugs are illegally withheld by governors for political reasons, etc.

All of this will result in a tsunami of lawsuits against the U.S. soon. The plaintiffs will win too.

In addition, China is culpable. China has billion, or even trillions, in assets in this country that could be confiscated after legal action. For example, most of the new construction in New York and elsewhere has China money tied to it.

Monell v. Dept. of Soc. Srvcs. of the City of NY, 436 U.S. 658 (1978) and its progeny of cases state that a government action must be the result of official policy. All of the actions above have been authorized by the senior most members of those governments. It has been official policy.

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3 Responses to Should there be a class action lawsuit of The World v Anthony Fauci?

  1. Samantha says:

    To the Governors and mayors urging that policeman lose the liability shield that protects them of being personally sued, I say first remove the protections of all politicians and district attorneys to be shielded from suit.
    Start with DA Vance refusing to charge looters, rioters and Weinstein and Epstein,
    Then Cuomo for putting covid patients in nursing homes, all the crooked DAs who force plea deals from innocent people while wink wink letting rich liberals and Antifa go, then the activist judges such as the
    Female judge that released the police beating looter and DeBlasio who is bringing NYC back to 1977.
    With work from home and companies moving out of high taxed dangerous NYC, and a shifting demography from illegal immigration …NYC won’t be rescued this time by a republican Guliani.

  2. Catherine N says:

    Excellent analysis.

  3. Dr B says:

    Of course he should be sued, along with Cuomo, Murphy and the governor of Washington, Inslee

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