Adrián Villar Rojas’ “Before My Birth” outdoor exhibit at WFC

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The reviews from local residents and passersby seem to be uniformly negative toward this latest Brookfield outdoor artwork. In 2010, the same Brookfield people selected an equally baffling piece of work. A common comment from viewers is that the artist ran out of money, or rushed the project before it was completed. In fact, the structures have decayed rapidly. The apples are being eaten by the birds, and the clay is cracking.

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Debra Simon runs the arts programs for Brookfield Properties. She could not be reached for comment.

(Video in full screen 1080i HD)

From the website:

“Before My Birth” by Adrian Villar Rojas on the World Financial Center Plaza will be on view until March 29, 2012.

Before My Birth is Adrián Villar Rojas’ latest project, in which he endeavors a completely distinct approach to his material of choice. Clay no longer holds the mythological connotations that the artist has given it for so long, instead it becomes a background device that frames a system of minimal resources. In order to stimulate a renewed artistic performance, highly restricting rules were imposed on its design and execution. Before My Birth aims to achieve what Villar Rojas calls “the infinite emotional effect” and defines the recovery of the energy surrounding his sculptures. This energy originates from nothing more, and nothing less than the humans who built them: that is, Villar Rojas and his team. The artist’s experiences while working alongside his team in his workshop have uniquely shaped the design for this project. While the installation, A person loved me, at the New Museum stages the moment of greatest distance from human culture in Villar Rojas’ work, Before My Birth can be read as the beginning of a return to the earthly.


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2 Responses to Adrián Villar Rojas’ “Before My Birth” outdoor exhibit at WFC

  1. L says:

    I am also baffled by the so called ‘art’ pieces. It would be interesting to know where the funds are coming from. how is it that much needed funding for projects that truly serve everyone in the community are so much harder to come by.

  2. Judith says:

    Well said L, well said.

    Another project I find questionable is the NY Economic Development Corporation’s RFP for a scheme to light up Lower Manhattan.

    Why waste energy and disrupt wildlife with the light pollution? Why hasn’t anyone fixed the (formerly) lighted calendar numbers clock on Water Street near John Street? It hasn’t worked in years and people still wishfully talk about it. See for a photo.

    Wish the NY Economic Development Corporation would spend money to maintain art we already have.

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