Amazing similarities between the first Civil War and second one going on now

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November 19, 2023- by Steven Greer

I stumbled upon an obscure documentary series on Amazon. It is a series of lectures by a University of Virginia professor and expert on the Civil War. I watched the introductory lecture. Of note, these lectures were filmed back in the 1990s. Therefore, the professor is not biased by current events.

Congress was a mess before the Civil War erupted in 1861, just as it is now. Because there were many more times the people in the North, making the House not representative of the South, the only chamber of congress that mattered was the Senate. In order to keep parity, every new state that was added, as the country expanded westward, alternated between slavery and free states.

Interestingly, in 1856, Representative Preston Brooks, a pro-slavery Democrat from South Carolina, used a walking cane to attack Senator Charles Sumner, an abolitionist Republican from Massachusetts. He pummeled him so badly that he could not sit in the Senate chamber for three years (What were the other members of congress doing? It is like people today who film crimes and do nothing to intervene.). Newspapers in the North stated that the South could not tolerate the fee speech of Sumner. Brooks was not punished by Congress despite the obvious crime.

Today, Democrats shot Republicans on a baseball field (and in Las Vegas). The J6 Committee was a flagrant hoax and act of treason, and yet no one will be punished by congress. Nothing has changed. None of this swampery is new.

Southerners in the 1850’s had a reputation for violence like the rednecks of today. I live down here in Florida. It is the same. Every Northerner who moves down here comments on how crazy it is on the highways.

There was extreme polarization back then as there is today. Religions divided into the Northern Baptist and Southern Baptist, for example.

Back then, there was also this concept of “woke”. The entire abolitionist movement was driven by Northerners who had become awakened to various injustices in the world, including slavery. In the South, it was a bunch of good old boys who wanted to keep the status quo.

Back then, just as it is now, all of those woke Northerners were hypocrites. They were extremely racist. They simply had the luxury of industries other than agriculture to live from, but the North prospered from the cotton and slavery of the South. They had blood on their hands as much of the Southern plantation owners did.

What I found most interesting is how the Supreme Court of the United States was also a joke back then as it is today. The Dred Scott decision was pro-slavery. It was the result of Southern special interests. It was similar to the cowardly Supreme Court of today that refused to do its job after the 2020 election.

Very importantly, no one foresaw the Civil War breaking out. People did not sit around and read the newspapers anticipating it. The war just happened.

That is what is occurring now too. Despite all of the evidence, most people today seem to be living in a state of false security. We really are on the edge of World War III. China’s actions this week clearly show that they have designs on taking over the world. As RFK said, we are sleepwalking into WW3.

It will not be a Civil War this time. It will be a World War.

The institutions that were supposed to protect the republic had all broken down in the 1850’s. It is just like today. Same as it ever was, to quote David Byrne.

Update 11-19-2023-

Amazing. The election of 1860 is so similar to 2024. Lincoln was not even on the ballot in the South as they are trying to do to Trump. Both parties were highly polarized with multiple candidates, like Bobby Kennedy, etc. (watch here)

Update 11-29-2023-

During the Civil War, Lincoln’s top military leader, George B McClellan, was a flat out traitor and sympathizer to the south. He was a Democrat who wanted the bring the Confederates back.

McClellan was intentionally stalling and not wanting to fight. He could have easily defeated General Lee in 1862. Instead, his intentional stall tactics and unnecessary retreats caused the war to last until 1865.

500,000 lives could have been spared the brutal deaths those soldiers endured. It was a gruesome war. If one did not get blown apart, one died of gangrene and other illnesses.

After the elections of 1864, Lincoln finally fired McClellan. Lincoln replaced him with Major-General Ambrose E. Burnside, and then replaced Burnside with Ulysses S Grant.

Delusional, McClellan ran against Lincoln in the 1864 election, and was easily defeated.

Does that sound familiar?

That’s exactly what we saw with Trump. The entire four years of his first term were sabotaged by all of his senior cabinet. Trump, like Lincoln, was too stupid to see it.

Like McClellan, the Trump cabinet complicit in the coup of 2020 thought that they would be politically popular too. For example, we saw Mike Pence trying to run for president, until reality hit him in the face. We also see the rest of them on CNN acting like they are not criminals.

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