American Oligarchy of Communists Watch: 1-8-2021

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  • The US lost 140,000 jobs in December thanks to the communist scamdemic
  • Governor Cuomo, for unknown reasons, is making it illegal to vaccinate anyone over the age of 75 or essential workers. That’s the exact opposite of what should be happening. What is he thinking? There’s only one explanation. He’s intentionally trying to kill people to keep the scamdemic going for political reasons. And he’s focusing the deaths on the elderly because that fits in with socialized medicine. People over 75 don’t deserve healthcare. His nursing home massacre was due to this thinking too. Cuomo has surround himself by ultra radical liberals like Ezekiel Emanuel who wrote that infamous essay that he hopes he dies at the age of 75 Because life is not worth living after that. In the bigger picture, this super audacious move is yet another sign that Andrew Cuomo is a full-blown Mussolini reincarnated. This is what World War II fascist dictator’s did. This is not being appreciated by New Yorkers or the rest of the country. We have a flat out dictator who is even worse than Michigan and Illinois governor’s. Do you think he will except the term limit laws? Hell no.
  • McConnell Memo Shows Difficulty of Impeaching Trump Before He Leaves
  • Twitter has permanently shut down President Trump’s account on January 8, 2021
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