American Oligarchy of Communists Watch: 12-14-2021

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AOC Watch:

  • DeBlasio’s intentional-crime city: Man punches woman in the face on subway platform in unprovoked attack after making ‘anti-Chinese statement,’ police say.
  • Chicago Rolls Royce dealership looted for millions
  • San Francisco Changes Term ‘Convicted Felons’ To More Politically Correct ‘Elected Officials’
  • Former General Hospital star sues Disney for vaccine mandate
  • Rand Paul: “Who knew facebook ‘fact’ checks are simply opinion. That’s what facebook lawyers are now arguing.
  • (Not the Babylon Bee) New Zealand Approves Orgies Of Up To 25 People As Part Of New COVID Rules
  • Boycott alert: Kroger to remove some COVID-19 benefits for unvaccinated employees- next, denying food to the unvaccinated as they have done in Canada
  • Casual shoplifting at a target in L.A.

Crimes Against Humanity:

  • “Hero” Judge Holds Hospital in Contempt: Give Ivermectin to a Dying Woman, or Pay a $10,000-a-Day Fine
  • Dr. Fauci opens up the possibility that the COVID-19 vaccine could be making people more likely to be infected by the virus. “This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.”
  • Dr. Peter McCullough explains to Joe Rogan, that in order to make people more willing to take the Covid vaccine, there was a concerted effort to not have a protocol
  • The New York times put out an article smearing the Merck drug molnupiravir as causing genetic mutations. This is designed to smear oral therapies narrative because they threaten the entire vaccine-only push by the US Deep State and EU Great Reset. Vaccines are gene therapies, not the pills. Vaccines are the ones that alter genes. Also, this data on the drug is from mouse studies. Anyone in medicine knows that murine mouse studies are completely useless and have almost no relevance to humans. Moreover, if one reads it carefully, the NYT article is simply stating what every drug does. If you give a high enough drug dose to a mouse, it will cause genetic changes. In the bigger picture, Pfizer controls the media and the FDA. Merck has failed compared to Pfizer. They are clearly getting different treatment from the agencies than Pfizer is.

Scamdemic Watch:

  • Maskless Jake Tapper sits maskless next to Amy Klobuchar and slams Ted Cruz for sitting maskless next to Amy Klobuchar.
  • Pfizer pill still works in new data release
  • T-Cell immunity is strong and effective against Omicron. This is the most significant (and overlooked) scientific paper of the entire Omicron saga. The fixation on antibody levels has diverted attention away from comprehensive immunity, including cellular

Other News:


I have been exposed to a lot of Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s over the last few months. These are just really stupid cars.

First of all, a Tesla is faster. Secondly, I can’t even tell the different models apart now. The Ferrari’s and McLaren’s all look the same. I don’t think any of them are as desirable as a 1970s classic Ferrari.

I also have a unique reason for not liking them I bet no one else has thought of. They are approaching $1 million with all sorts of aerodynamics. They are no longer cars. They are more like pathetic airplanes that can’t even fly. In other words, in the next 20-years, I think we are going to see cars actually fly. Tesla is working on one now (the Roadster has the gas propulsion used by SpaceX). So, we have these expensive gas-guzzling pieces of crap that are stuck to the ground and get stalled in traffic.

I could go out and buy a new Porsche right now. However, I have absolutely no interest in it. I can’t stand those new Porsche 911’s. The styling is terrible.

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