Go Woke, Go Broke: Propaganda is a money-loser

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February 4, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

CNN head Jeff Zucker, was ousted. Not ironically, the King of Propaganda used propaganda to explain he is “resigning” rather than being fired. This comes after CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, were given the boot. Of note, it has been revealed that Zucker personally coached Governor Cuomo during his downfall in an attempt to save him, but his propaganda efforts failed.

Elsewhere in Propagandaville, MSNBC star Rachel Maddow, now watched by fewer than one-million people per show, and ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg were also given the hint and left, as were far-left Chris Wallace and Sheppard Smith at Fox last year. They were all propaganda mouthpieces for the left too, dragging down the TV ratings for their networks as much as 90% from highs.

In social media propaganda, Facebook, one of the most powerful propaganda machines, lost a whopping $250 Billion on day in value after poor earnings. Mark Zuckerberg blamed TikTock. The fact is that people are using Facebook less because they know it is propaganda and dangerous.

Meanwhile, The Great Reset is failing politically. Thirty Democrat congressmen so far will not run again. Biden and Kamala are walking dead people. Europe is giving up on strategy to divide based on concocted vaccine mandates as leaders like Boris Johnson fail, and Canada’s Great Reset stooge Trudeau is literally under siege in Ottawa. All of that is the result of failed propaganda efforts.

It turns out that people in free markets don’t like to pay for propaganda. Who knew? Also, in the age of the Internet, outdated media platforms can no longer succeed at fooling people with their propaganda. Propaganda does not pay, literally and does not work politically.

Update April 17, 2022-

  • ABC fires Whoopi Goldberg…again

Update April 19, 2022-

  • Netflix shares crater after first subscriber loss in a decade
  • CNN + streaming shut down one month after launching
  • Jon Stewart’s Apple TV Show Is Reported Flop with Just 40K Viewers

Update April 26, 2022- Google earnings miss on big drop in YouTube revenue

Update May 13, 2022- Facebook, Twitter Are Pulling Back on Hiring—Will Others Follow?-Tech giants signal a changing approach to adding workers after years of rapid growth

Update November 3, 2022-

  • Facebook shares are down 75% year-to-date
  • Don Lemon’s new show ‘CNN This Morning’ bombs in debut
  • CNBC cancels Shepard Smith’s show after 2 years, anchor to exit network

Update December 6, 2022-

  • Washington Post fires most of the staff after subscriptions tank and parent company Amazon can no longer afford to subsidize the propaganda.

Update May 11, 2023-

Update May 23, 2023-

  • Disney’s ABC, ESPN Weakness Adds Pressure to Make Streaming Profitable- Earnings from traditional TV have fallen sharply after helping to offset Disney+ losses in recent years
  • Target said it would remove some products related to Pride Month from stores after a backlash from customers caused employees to feel unsafe, becoming the latest company to get drawn into the U.S. culture wars
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2 Responses to Go Woke, Go Broke: Propaganda is a money-loser

  1. Larry says:

    “…and the TRUTH shall set ye FREE…”

    I guess that IS the truth…How “Progressive”…There’s nothing new under the sun.

  2. Technocracy is Unsustainable says:

    When there are only five media houses in today’s monopoly-driven world, that means there are only five guys disseminating the daily cookie-cutter script from on high and guess what… they’re all on the same team.

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