An assault on the freedom of the press by New York politicians

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December 28, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

There is something very concerning that is developing which has not been well reported in the press. As social media, blogs, and video cameras are making it much harder to get away with the corruption required to grease the gears of the New York political machine, the politicians are simply ignoring the press, holding few real press conferences that allow for true Q&A. In some cases, the agencies and politicians are actively stifling the press.

Mayor de Blasio is now blatantly dodging the press, holding no real press conferences with Q&A. Only one local reporter, Marcia Kramer, is dogging him.

Meanwhile, the city is crumbling into chaos, with homeless taking over the streets and stories of violent crime on the rise. However, the police claim that crime is down (Of course, it would take real reporting to expose whether the crime rate stats are bogus or not.).

Governor Cuomo was in the news for speaking more to his brother on CNN than to the local press, in terms of minutes of air-time. He is looking over his shoulder in fear of Preet Bharara coming after him next, and true Q&A would cause him to be evasive and look guilty.

New York City Council is now kicking out observers and protesters ever since they won the Glick vs. Harvey lawsuit in 2014. In that case, 100 people protesting the expansion of NYU campus were expelled from City Hall chambers, and City Hall won a lawsuit brought by New York Assemblywoman Deborah Glick. Of course, the politically influenced New York Supreme Court decided that case.

Locally, the BPCA is banning BatteryPark.TV from attending the open meetings of the board, for which we are suing the authority. The in-house lawyer for the BPCA is the former City Council lawyer who orchestrated the Glick vs. Harvey case.

Since our federal congress and state political bodies are corrupted and no longer act as checks and balances to power, the journalists and courts are the last safety nets preventing The United States of America from becoming a country like Russia or China. Small independent blogs have scared the living daylights out of the permanent ruling class politicians, and they are now trying to shut down the press.

The old-school establishment press is more easily controlled, and has been effectively silenced for decades. Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo can dodged questions using bogus press conferences with no Q&A. The BPCA can hold no press conference at all for three years. City Council members can avoid press conference as well. All the while, local press writes not a word about it.

The BPCA convened a town hall recently. However, the “local press”, all sitting in the front row, did not ask a single question. They were perfectly content being the pigeons that they are, taking what is fed to them by the BPCA.

BatteryPark.TV asked no questions at this town hall because we were chilled from doing so when the BPCA called the NYPD attempting to prevent us from even attending the meeting. Although the police sided with us and let us in, we were in no mood to ask questions.

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