An open letter to the BPCA about Asphalt Green

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Update: January 8, 2013: Since our January 3 open letter story, below, the BPCA now mentions “Asphalt Green” on their website.

Dennis Mehiel, Chairman/CEO of the BPCA

January 3, 2013 Mr. Mehiel:

I was taking a look at the BPCA website and I am happy to see that it is becoming more “live” with information; thank you.

However, I was shocked to notice that there is no mention of Asphalt Green on the website at all. I have attached a link to your “Community Center” webpage which mentions Stuyvesant High School and where a AG Community Center webpage section should be included.

The website also includes images and a riveting, detailed explanation of cranes being used to install the pumping and air system being put in to Pier A, but no mention of repairing the Community Center or confirmation of a signed contract for Asphalt Green.

As the AG CC is now more than one year late for its debut and has more than 1600 members who have already signed up (paid) and are desperately awaiting its opening. We deserve an explanation from the BPCA.

It is odd (and suspicious) that one of two projects that the BPCA is managing, is not mentioned at all.

Why is that?

I look forward to your reply.


Liz McCabe (BPC Resident and Owner – whose pilot taxes paid for the facilty)

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