BPCA reps Anne Fenton and Matthew Monahan still deceiving the public on Asphalt Green

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December 4, 2012

On September 4, BPCA spokespersons Anne Fenton and Matthew Monahan stood before the community and spewed blatant lies as to why the Asphalt Green community center was still not opened a year after it should have been (see video below)


Shortly thereafter, the whole coverup was exposed by BatteryPark.TV, and the CEO/President of the BPCA, Gayle Horwitz, abruptly “resigned”. However, her henchmen who were complicit on the scandal kept their jobs. In fact, not only was Anne Fenton not investigated by the State Attorney General or Inspector General, but she seems to have been promoted within the BPCA.

The new Chairman of the BPCA, Dennis Mehiel, started off his tenure by making great progress with opening Asphalt Green and modifying the contract. Then, Hurricane Sandy came along, creating costly damage that was uninsured by the BPCA. As insurance disputes cause further delays, the Dynamic Duo of Anne and Matt were back before the CB1 doing the same exact pattern of obfuscating the reason for the delays in Asphalt green by exaggerating the “inspection” process. Meanwhile, across the street, privately run Palm steakhouse, which was devastated by the flood, has reopened, and the Downtown Community Center is making great strides at recovering. There has been no recovery work or repairs to Asphalt Green.

Watch Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan mislead the community, not reveal that insurance disputes are the root cause, and blame onerous inspections, ala September 4 and the days of Gayle Horwitz.

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