Another allegation that Senator Gillibrand ignores sexual harassment complaints

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March 11, 2019- Steven E. Greer

BPTV first reported on the hypocrisy of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand when she plays the female-card. In reality, she looks the other way as powerful New Yorkers, such as bug-eyed former AG Schneiderman, abuse women.

BPTV reported to Gillibrand’s office the worse-than-Harvey behavior of former BPCA CFO Robert Serpico. Her office ignored the complaint.

Now, in the news today is another person claiming that she told Gillibrand about a sexual harassment case and was ignored.

Kirsten Gillibrand is a bad liar and hypocrite even by New York standard. She rose to power, many rumor, by sleeping with powerful men. She knew how the game was played. She has no sympathy for women who play with fire, get burned, and then claim rape. She fine tuned that game to an art form.

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