Another Cease and Desist sent to Tucker Carlson

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June 11, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

As viewers of this news site and journal well know, I published The Medical Advocate last October. I also went on national media in March, and many times thereafter, as the first person to explain that the high death rates in New York from the Wuhan virus were caused by egregious care at the small hospitals in Queens and Elmhurst.

It was just a matter of time before Serial Plagiarist Tucker Carlson copied me. Tonight, he interviewed a visiting nurse who served at Elmhurst Hospital for a month. She was so appalled that she collected undercover videos and wrote a book. She confirmed everything that I first said.

Tucker Carlson has my book and has read my essays. He has received the links to my media appearances. He knows full well that I was first to cover this story. However, once again, he chose to pretend as if his show were breaking this first. Therefore, I sent him another cease and desist warning:

“Mr. Carlson,

I saw your segment tonight with the Insider nurse exposing how egregiously incompetent care at Elmhurst Hospital directly led to infections and death. You even discussed the concept of medical advocacy by family, which is in my book the Medical Advocate.

As you well know, I was the first person months ago to say in the national media and on my own website that the high death rates were due incompetent care at these hospitals. I even called the CEO of Elmhurst and spoke with him. I gave you his contact.

I’m glad you are covering this. Unfortunately for you, you have a legal obligation to mention that this was my story. It is also basic journalistic ethics.”

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