Another suicide in BPC

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May 28, 2015- There have been several bodies pulled from Hudson offshore of BPC’s esplanade, as well as people who jumped form buildings who committed suicide. Now, The Post reports that a person was found on the West Side Highway by the Battery underpass tunnel.

Witnesses told BP.TV that the person hit a moving car as they fell, causing their head and leg to be severed from their body. As of 9:30 PM tonight, the police are not even sure of the sex of the person due to the severe trauma.

Update May 29, 2015- The Post now reports that it was a man, age 29, and an investment banker.

Update May 29, 2015- When this story first broke, I emailed people that he was likely doing drugs. I was right. The Post reports that his apartment had several bags of cocaine in it.

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